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Internship (Mechanical/Electrical Engineering)

Who are we?

Emvolon is a venture-backed, MIT spin-off revolutionizing distributed chemical manufacturing. We produce low cost, small scale Gas to Liquids systems by using mass produced internal combustion engines from trucks as mini compressors and chemical reactors. The applications include utilizing otherwise wasted, stranded energy resources like otherwise flared natural gas and waste biomass.

Who are we looking for?

Are you interested in building novel electro-mechanical systems in a industrial research environment? Are you excited about simulating and analyzing energy systems? Do you have prior hands-on experience (hand tools, machining equipment, welding, or electrical systems)? Ever

wonder what it is like to work in a technology startup? If you answered YES to any of the above, then

this opportunity may be for you! Project-based work ranges from design and fabrication of electro-mechanical systems to experimental setup, data acquisition, simulation, and data analysis.

Opportunities provide a great mix of hands-on work (fabrication, machining, reactor testing) and simulation.

Project-based work for this internship will be tailored to specific interests and backgrounds of the candidate. 

Pursuing BS (or MS) in Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical Engineering or related field and experience in energy or chemicals industry desirable. Internship will be primarily on-site but will be flexible and will include remote work.

Please send us your resume at:

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